"We see this world in so many ways. But it can be seen in so many more."

This video for the new DJI Phantom 3 is giving us serious chills. The quality of the footage pales only in comparison to the content of the message. We’re super stoked to start seeing some of the content all you creatives out there create with your DJI drones.

“I was born into an extraordinary world. A compassionate world.
A place that was always there for me.
It makes me a thinker. A friend. A protector.
It teaches me so many lessons.

To explore everywhere, let my curiosity get the best of me.
To risk everything, spark a dream you can’t live without and chase it.
To live fearlessly, hold on tight, but don’t hold back.
To evolve, make new and now front and center.
To believe, let faith be more than a verse, let it be a constant.
To love, as much as your whole heart can stand.

We see this world in so many ways. But it can be seen in so many more.
There’s time. There’s always time.
Don’t let all those days, just become another life.
Make them the hours you spent, building for something greater. Building you.

You are an engine. Beaming energy out to the universe.
You are a lens. That sees the world in a way its never been seen.

That’s what I want.

And the best part of all – there’s still so much time for more.”

All aerials filmed on the new DJI Phantom 3.