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    Discover the Undiscovered

    Adventure.com and Land Rover have curated a selection of adventures and stories to help you discover the undiscovered.

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    Hurricane Ridge

    Immersive and beautifully shot video by AJ Molle that acts as good inspiration for a weekend microadventure.

    The Importance of Sourcing Local

    New York Chef Camille Becerra explains why sourcing fresh, local ingredients makes all the difference in a meal. For more information, visit http://LandRoverUSA.com/undiscovered

    The Chase

    “I turned 40 years old this year and I told my wife all I wanted was 10 days chasing on the plains.”

    Keep Exploring — Brice Portolano

    A 3 weeks adventure with the French photographer Brice Portolano backpacking in the wilderness of British Columbia. After a week on Vancouver Island, Brice hiked in the South Chilcotin mountains with the aim of reaching the highest summits. Directed, filmed & edited by Mathieu Le Lay – mathieulelay.com | facebook.com/mathieulelayfilmmaker Photographer Brice Portolano – briceportolano.com | facebook.com/brice.portolano *** With the support […]

    Picturing Your Meal

    Discover the best way to photograph your next exquisite meal with these tips from food photographer, Daniel Krieger.

    Spicing Things Up

    Learn how to experiment with and utilize the tastiest Indian spices from veteran meal sharing host, Shuchi Mittal.

    Full Moon Silhouette

    Full Moon Silhouettes is a real time video by award-winning photographer Mark Gee of the moon rising over the Mount Victoria Lookout in Wellington, New Zealand. Mark painstakingly planned the shoot around the phase and cycle of the moon, calculating exactly where it would be and where/when he would need to be in order to […]

    Preparing for the Adventure

    When taking a trip out to a remote location, it’s best to have a plan. Utah native and mountaineer, Caroline Gleich, gives tips on how to be equipped for the unexpected. For more information, visit LandRoverUSA.com/undiscovered

    Beyond Urban Glare

    Amateur stargazers don’t need to invest in expensive equipment to make the most of a night sky, simply find a safe location away from city lights. Astrophysicist, Paul Robinson, provides tips on how you can find incredible stargazing opportunities. For more information, visit LandRoverUSA.com/undiscovered

    Tools of the Dark Arts

    Photographer, Forest Woodward, discusses the necessities of successful low-light and night shooting of stunning imagery. For more information, visit LandRoverUSA.com/undiscovered

    Shooting Two Worlds

    Photographer Owen Perry describes the process you should take when setting out on an exploration to capture extraordinarily rare photos. For more information, visit http://LandRoverUSA.com/undiscovered

    A fast, sound boat

    Kayak builder and wilderness photographer Kiliii Fish explains the importance of getting out and being a part of the natural world. For more information, visit http://LandRoverUSA.com/undiscovered

    Glowing Waters

    Watch as adventurous photographer Owen Perry follows his curiosity out to the Pacific Northwest to capture the natural phenomenon of bioluminescence. Owen is joined by Marine Biologist, Mariana Fuentes to explain the science of bioluminescence and Kiliii Fish, a Kayak Builder & Wilderness Photographer, who guides the group to capture the perfect shot. Due to […]

    Surf to Soil

    Watch as five strangers head out on a meal sharing adventure from New York City to a farm in the black dirt region of Goshen, New York. For more information, visit http://LandRoverUSA.com/undiscovered

    Spirit Canoe

    “SPIRIT CANOE is the mystic journey of a man who is in search of himself and navigating through a passage with the memories of his once self and a special figure who lingers in his soul. He is setting out on a quest, armed with his old map and small canoe, to venture the river […]

    Parahawking in Nepal

    If you’ve ever wanted to soar through the sky with the birds, have a look at parahawking — the combination of paragliding and falconry. From the Parahawking Project website: “In an effort to advance the interaction between man and bird, and to provide a unique opportunity to interact with birds of prey in their own […]

    OCEAN GRAVITY – Guillaume Néry / Julie Gautier

    Renowned freediving artists Guillaume Néry and Julie Gautier have followed up their incredible Free Fall film with this even more epic film called Ocean Gravity. “Ocean Gravity is a short film that rewrite the rules of the underwater world and takes us this time into the world of the weightlessness. Just like in the space, […]