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GoPro: Backcountry Cliff Huck with Justin Mayers

Justin Mayers and a crew of backcountry riders ventured out into Wyoming’s uncharted mountains in seek for fun untouched lines.

4 Days Ago | backcountry

Climbers Make History Conquering Yosemite Park’s Dawn Wall

Climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson finish their quest to be the first to free climb the Dawn Wall.

9 Days Ago | climbers, yosemite

Tiny Time-Lapse of Queenstown, New Zealand

What’s better than a time-lapse of Queenstown, New Zealand? A tiny time-lapse of Queenstown, New Zealand

10 Days Ago | new zealand, queenstown

Guy Nearly Destroys His New DJI Phantom 2 Drone On First Day

On his first day testing out his new DJI Phantom 2, this guy makes a last second save after it nearly crashes.

15 Days Ago | dji phantom 2

Run Custom Travel Photography Tours With

Are you a photographer? We’re looking for photographers to run custom travel photography tours on

16 Days Ago | travel, travel photography

GoPro: Paraglide Rope Swing With Matthias Giraud

Matthias Giraud meets up with friends around the Columbia River Gorge and constructs a tandem paraglide rope swing. Join the team for an adventure that took 2 years to organize and is truly one of a kind.

16 Days Ago | gopro, paraglide

The Northern Lights Filmed in 4k

The world’s very first real-time Northern Lights captured in 4K ultra high definition.

18 Days Ago | northern lights

Top Aerial Moments With the Red Bull Air Force

Take a look back at some of the best moments from “Miles Above,” a 10 episode web series featuring BASE jumper Miles Daisher and other members of the Red Bull Air Force, a team assembled from the most accomplished and experienced skydivers, BASE jumpers, wingsuit fliers and paraglider pilots on the planet.

20 Days Ago | red bull

Man Changes A Lightbulb On A 1500-Foot TV Tower

How many men does it take to replace the lightbulb on top of a TV tower? Only one, but he has to climb nearly a third of a mile into the sky to do it.

21 Days Ago | adrenaline